India Love Westbrooks nude

Instagram model, reality TV star, and “bottom bitch” to numerous rappers, India Love Westbrooks appears to have just had the nude photos and video below leaked online.

As you can see in the nude video above, India Love twerks her bulbous black booty and then gets her naked ass excessively fondled by a female. Who’s hand is groping India’s meaty rump remains a mystery for now, but one can speculate that it was probably a confirmed lesbodyke musician like Missy Elliot, Rihanna, or one of the girls from the Migos.


Of course in this day in age a nude video is not enough to draw the attention that India clearly desires, and so the naked photos above have been “leaked” as well.

As you can see the last photo appears to be a screenshot from another yet to be released India Love nude video. Rest assured that when that video does finally leak this holy Islamic website (and National Geographic) will be one of the first places to feature it.

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